Aircargo Club Deutschland plans innovation drive by creating forum

AIRCARGO Club Deutschland (ACD) has announced plans to create a new forum named the Future of Air Cargo Supply Chains to restore international competitiveness in a sustainable and profitable manner.

The forum will bring together various players in the supply chain to create practical solutions that help create innovation in the industry, reports London's Air Cargo News.

ACD president Winfried Hartmann said: "We dare not just think in terms of partial processes. Synergies from the individual process stages have to be used for the complete transport chain.

"There's a need to pool the expertise in these fields and improve the complete supply chain - regardless of individual interests," he said.

"To achieve this, it's necessary to take into account the complete transport chain - from the consignor to the freight forwarder, the cargo handler, the airline and airports and even the customs authority and finally the recipient.

"Supply chains have to be made more innovative and more transparent. Germany is visibly losing touch in the air freight business," Mr Hartmann said.